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West Suffolk College Library

Book a 1:1 with your subject librarian: Home

Scheduler that includes all librarians and their availability.

1:1 Appointments

We are currently offering 1:1's via MS Teams, if you would like to book an appointment please click on the Schedule button above our pictures. We will then send you a Teams invitation. If none of these times are suitable please e-mail us. 

E-mail Rebecca

Book a 1:1 with Trudy


Picture of Subject Librarian Trudy Waterton-Duly


Please book with Trudy for the following subjects -

  • Access to HE - Business (FE)

  • Access to HE - Counselling (FE)

  • Access to HE - Nursing (FE)

  • Animal Care and Management (FE)

  • Business (FE/HE)

  • Childcare (FE)

  • Counselling (HE)

  • Early Childhood Studies (HE)

  • English (HE)

  • History (HE)

  • Law (FE/HE)

  • Maths and English

  • Media Production (FE)

  • Music and Music Technology/Production (FE/HE)

  • Performing Arts (FE)

  • Professional Studies (HE)

  • Travel and Tourism (FE)

  • Sports (FE/HE)

Book a 1:1 with Rebecca



Please book with Rebecca for the following subjects -

  • Access to HE - Health Science (FE)

  • Applied Science (FE)

  • Art and Design (FE)

  • Art Practice (HE)

  • Automotive (FE)

  • Building Services (FE)

  • Culinary Arts (FE)
  • Computing (FE/HE)

  • Construction Crafts (FE)

  • Engineering (FE/HE)

  • Ethics (HE)

  • Fashion and Textiles (FE)

  • Forensic Science (FE)

  • Graphic Design (HE)

  • Hair and Beauty (FE)

  • Health Science (FE)

  • Interior Design (HE)

  • Psychology (HE)

  • Public Services (FE)
  • Religious Studies (HE)

  • Sociology (HE)

  • Teacher Education (FE/HE

Academic Skills Adviser

Ben Farrell is the our Academic Skills Advisor to request assistance from Ben click here and  fill in the form. He is available to book for the following:


  • Academic Writing