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West Suffolk College Learning Services and Library

Book a 1:1 with your subject librarian: Home

Scheduler that includes all librarians and their availability.

Book a 1:1 with Trudy

This position is currently vacant - Should you wish to book a 1:1 please book with Trudy

Please book with Trudy  for the following subjects -

  • Access to HE - Humanities and Social Sciences (FE)

  • Access to HE - Health Science (FE)

  • Applied Science (FE)

  • Automotive (FE)

  • Building Services (FE)

  • Computing (FE/HE)

  • Construction/Construction Crafts (FE/HE)

  • Engineering (FE/HE)

  • English Literature (HE)

  • Ethics (HE)

  • Forensic Science (FE)

  • Health Science (FE)

  • History (HE)

  • Hospitality (FE)

  • Psychology (HE)

  • Religious Studies (HE)

  • Sociology (HE)

  • Teacher Education (FE/HE)

Book an appointment with your subject librarian

By clicking on the Schedule Appointment button you can arrange a 1:1 with your subject librarian. The list of subjects covered by each librarian is indicated below the relevant person.

*FE = Further Education up to Level 3

*HE = Higher Education Level 4 - Level 6

After clicking on the Schedule Appointment button you will be asked to fill in a form with your details.

If you can't make your appointment please let the library know as soon as possible by e-mailing the appropriate librarian, or by calling 01284 716216.

Book a 1:1 with Trudy

Picture of Subject Librarian Trudy Waterton-Duly

Please book Trudy for the following subjects -

  • Access to HE - Business (FE)

  • Access to HE - Counselling (FE)

  • Access to HE - Nursing (FE)

  • Animal Care and Management (FE)

  • Art and Design (FE)

  • Art Practice

  • Beauty Therapy

  • Business (FE/HE)

  • Childcare (FE)

  • Counselling (HE)

  • Early Childhood Studies (HE)

  • Early Years Practice/CCLD (HE)

  • Fashion and Textiles (FE)

  • Graphic Design (HE)

  • Hairdressing

  • Interior Design (HE)

  • Law (FE/HE)

  • Media Production (FE)

  • Music and Music Technology/Production (FE/HE)

  • Performing Arts (FE)

  • Professional Studies (HE)

  • Travel and Tourism (FE)

  • Sports (FE/HE)