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Contact Information and support

You can contact us at any time us via . Please include your name, course, and a brief description of the support you need - one of the team will be in touch with you.

We offer either online via Teams or face to face individual sessions. Watch the bottom of this page for forthcoming dates of Drop-in sessions too.

***Please read through the information below to help you prepare and get the most out of a support session. 

What can I discuss in a one to one or a drop in session?

A one to one session will be booked in advance and can be between 30 minutes up to an hour. Drop-ins are short, one-to-one sessions of between 10 and 15 minutes run on set dates and advertised in advance.

You can discuss any library research skills, such as:

Finding books, journal articles and other resources Using eBooks
Advanced research tips and  External resources
Using the book catalogue  Referencing

Where do one to ones or drop-in sessions take place?

One to ones usually take place in the hangar or in the tutorial room next to the Student Hub. For Drop-ins sessions the location will be advertised in advance or go to the Library help desk and you will be directed from there.

If there are several students attending drop ins, you may have to wait your turn.

How do the one to ones and drop-in sessions work?

The session will start with a discussion of your question or issue such as questions about your goals or your understanding of resources. You will then work together to achieve an outcome such as:

  • Answering a specific question about what resources you might find for your research
  • Locating relevant resources or further support
  • How to reference a source you are using in your work

Should I do anything to prepare?

To get the most out of the session you may want to:

Write down a question or list of questions and make some notes and bring along the title and/or objectives for your work.

Prepare a brief note of the search strategy you intend to use or have tried already. For example, if you are not sure about how to search for resources, make a note of the search terms you are using.

Consider what you have already done to try to answer this question yourself

If you are not sure about your referencing, pick a particular reference list entry to focus on.

What is not covered by the drop-in sessions?

  • They will not do in depth research to find specific sources for you.
  • They will not correct referencing or write out referencing for you.  
  • The advisor will not be able to answer course specific questions. However, they can help you formulate a specific question for your tutor.

Who will I speak to?

Depending on the support you have requested, you will speak to one or more of the following people:

  • A member of the library team
  • Academic Resource Advisor
  • Academic Skills Advisor

Dates and times of forthcoming drop-in sessions 2024 - please contact the Academic Skills Advisor (for study skills support) or the Academic Resources Advisor (for research support) for details.


Dr. Jack Rundell, Academic Skills Advisor - Higher Education:

Dr. Julia Firmin, Academic Resources Advisor - Higher Education: