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Printing and photocopying: Home

Printing Guide for Students


Printers to use from West Suffolk College devices

CollegePrintingB&W — for any black and white printing

CollegePrintingColour — for any colour printing

Using the Printers

Login using the last 6 digits of your student number (if you are a UoS student, this will be the last 6 digits of your UoS student number, not your WSC student number).

Once you have logged in once using your student number, you will then be able to log in by directly tapping your student card onto the card reader on the printers. This will automatically log you in (subject to the age of your student card)

To access the photocopying option, select "Device Functions".

Don’t forget to log out once you have finished (so that the next user doesn't accidentally use your credit if they photocopy something).

Scan to Email

The scan to email feature allows you to scan documents from the printer to your student email address. You can send these in Adobe PDF, JPG (Image) or DOCX (Microsoft Word) formats, to best suit the use of the document.

Printing from Own Devices

You can print from your own devices by sending documents to the printer via email.

Documents must be attached to the email in PDF format and sent from your college email address, sending from any personal email addresses will not work.

To send a black and white document to the print queue, please send this to


To send a colour document to the print queue, please send this to


These then should appear as an option to print release once you log in.

Printing and Copying Prices for Students

  • Printing/Copying B&W A4 5p
  • Printing/Copying B&W A3 10p
  • Printing/Copying Colour A4 10p
  • Printing/Copying Colour A3 20p

Please speak to a member of the library team if you need to put printer credits on to your account.