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West Suffolk College Library - Customer Service Charter

Mission Statement

West Suffolk College library is committed to the highest levels of customer service. We value all users equally and aim to provide an inclusive and supportive learning environment. The library supports staff and students in learning, teaching, and any other aspect of personal and professional development, through access to a range of print and online resources.

This customer service charter lays out what service users can expect from the library and – in return -the standards of behaviour library staff expect from users.

Our service commitment to you

Library staff will:

  • Be kind, courteous and helpful

  • Listen attentively, giving each user full and undivided attention relayed through eye contact and positive body language

  • Respect confidentiality in line with legal obligations (i.e. GDPR)

  • Provide equitable access for disabled users; both to space and collections

  • Provide prompt email and telephone responses to library helpdesk queries

  • Actively approach users to check if they need assistance

  • Publicise and promote library services and collections online, in person and through promotional literature.

  • Ensure the library website and social media accounts are regularly updated with accurate information.

  • Endeavour to refer users to correct department for non-library enquiries

  • Take a fair and reasonable approach to fines where extenuating circumstances occur

  • Maintain a commitment to continuous improvement for all services and policy

What we expect in return

Library users should:

  • Treat staff with courteousness and politeness

  • Be honest about overdue books and extenuating circumstances

  • Treat library property and space with care and respect

  • Report any damage, mess or vandalism to library staff

  • Make full and proper use of the full range of library services

  • Report any shortcomings in library provision (i.e. collections or services) to library staff in a polite manner

  • Attempt to seek out resources themselves but ask for assistance if and when required

  • Obey all library rules and regulations relating to fines, noise and food and drink

Service parameters

This list sets out the service parameters

What we do:

  • Assist users in all aspects of finding and accessing print and online resources

  • Help users access online library provision from various online portals

  • Take fine payments and/or deal with fine issues

  • Introduce students to VLE’s (Moodle or Brightspace) and assist where possible, knowing where to refer onwards for further advice if necessary

  • Field general enquiries relating to printing/photocopying, and all other services under the library’s remit, (inter-library loans etc.)

  • Librarians will provide in-depth help with referencing and literature searching via pre-booked one to one appointments, classroom sessions or workshops

  • Encourage library users to learn to use the library and its systems in a ‘learning by doing’ (kinaesthetic) manner and give assistance where necessary

  • Adhere to Safeguarding and the PREVENT strategy

  • Embrace equality, diversity and human rights

What we will not do:

  • Proofread work

  • Offer study skills services (other than literature searching or referencing)

  • Offer subject specific expertise for all courses

  • Answer questions relating to the administration of individual courses or assignments

  • Tolerate abusive or violent behaviour