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West Suffolk College Library

OPERATIONAL STATUS: Operational Status

West Suffolk College - Operational Status

Operational Service from Learning Services from 7th September 2020

Due to Covid 19 and Social distancing the Learning Services department will be making the following changes to its operational service.

Opening hours

Navigating the library

  • As per college guidance on navigating the campus corridors, walkways within the library will operate in the same way as corridors in college, with social distancing wherever possible and face coverings used unless exempted. When seated at computers face coverings can be removed.

Induction and groups in the library

  • Please books library inductions for staff to come to classrooms to deliver as you can appreciate at present we will nly be having directed study groups in the library

Borrowing and Return of books

  • Click and Collect service will be in operation – to watch a video on the process please click this link
  • You can either reserve books online for collection later or drop in and collect. If you are just dropping in then please come to the issue desk for assistance as normal bookshelf browsing not currently available. The library staff will help you. 
  • Staff will collect books from shelves wearing PPE 
  • All books will be issued for 3 weeks and if not requested by another user they can then be renewed
  • Once collected all books will be placed in a paper bag then on the Click and Collect shelf
  • Staff and students will be e-mailed to inform them when the books will be ready to collect
  • Books to be returned via Self-service only, this is to limit contact with staff and should only go to the counter if there is an issue
  • All returned books will go into quarantine for 72 hours before being returned from the users library record or reissued
  • Books requested by students on the HE campus will have them delivered once a day to this campus and there will be a box at main reception for returns

Study spaces

  • Computer spaces are currently limited and will need to be pre-booked on an hourly basis by students by e-mailing or  phoning 01284 716216

Student Support

  • 1:1 support – where possible this should take place online via Teams or Zoom. If not possible staff will provide in person support.  The 1:1 booking system will be available via the library website
  • Group support – where possible this should take place online via Teams or Zoom. If this isn’t possible staff will provide in person support.


  • We are currently unable to lend out stationery will be leant out, but you can still purchase these from the issue desk


Please note that this is due to change and review. Please bear with and be patient with the Learning Services Team whilst we get used to our new way of working, thank you.