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West Suffolk College Learning Services and Library

Homepage: Clickview

How to access ClickView

What is ClickView?

ClickView is a video streaming service that WSC library subscribes to. It means that staff and students can watch educational videos, documentaries and tv programmes that have already been broadcast.

All students can access ClickView from the Library Homepage and the Hub (Moodle)

If you click on the logo you will be redirected to a sign in page (see below), where you will need to login with your WSC username and password.



Once you have logged in you will be taken to the ClickView homepage which gives you access to the WSC ClickView Library.



On the left hand side is a menu of subjects in which you will find related programmes. You can also search in the search box.

There is also an App you can download on your device for Android or IOS.

Should you need any help then please ask a member of library staff who will be happy to help you.